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prepaid cell phones in italy?

my husband and i are are leaving on monday for 16 days in italy with another couple. we would like each couple to have a cell phone so we're able to separate and meet-up on a whim in each of the cities we'll be visiting.

we're bringing an iphone with an int'l plan of $.99 per minute in case we need to call the US. tell me if i'm wrong, but it seems like it would be cheaper to buy a prepaid phone so we wouldn't be making int'l calls each time a couple wanted to check in with the other.

i've never used one, but i see prepaid phones for sale everywhere in the US (7-11, grocery stores, best buy, etc) so i wonder if they are as prevalent in italy. we will be flying in to FCO and out of MXP in case there is a company that we could buy/rent from in one airport and then sell/return the phones at the next one.

thanks for your input and help so far. this is our first trip to europe and i've learned so much from this site!!

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If you both have cell phones compatible with European standards, GSM-tri or quadband, not CDMA, you could cut the cost down by texting each other. We texted and sent cellphone pix for about $0.15 PER MESSAGE. Voice could be reserved for real emergency messages.