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Pre-book hotels or book when I get there.

Hello, this July we will be going to Venice, Cinque Terre and Rome. Should I pre book my hotels or should I book when I get there? Will there be a big price difference either way? I like the idea of booking when I get there so we can come/go as we please depending on how much we like each city, but I don't want to be stuck with no place to stay or get ripped off because there is nothing left.

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Dear Joseph,

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Ive done it both ways and the advantage of not booking are obvious,freedom to change plans as you go.The other side having places reserved eliminates the need to look for lodging,gives you the best places at the best prices.If you are driving it it easy to go without reservations because you can drive to another town or area.I think that the places you are going to Id get reservations.

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July is the high season. So, even without the fact that's not my travel style, I wouldn't advise it.

Another factor not in your favor is you have selected two crowded, expensive cities where the best values book fast.

But, nothing sounds worse to me than dragging my luggage around knocking on doors and trying to find a room without the benefit of tripadvisor reviews so keep in mind I am biased toward pre-booking.

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How many of you are going? For single travelers or couples it's a bit easier to find something at your destination without prebooking. We travel as a family of 4 and so we prebook every time we go during high season. And July is high season. Prebooking will most likely give you better deals.

If you want to remain as flexible as possible check the cancellation policies carefully. Many hotels have a 24 or 48 hour cancellation policy. That would still give you a good amount of flexibility. Rental appartments usually have a much stricter cancelation policy.

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ALWAYS book ahead, unless you are backpacking across Europe. Why would you arrive in a city and not have a place to stay lined up? It can be difficult to find accommodations at the last minute like that! Your quote, "I don't want to be stuck with no place to stay or get ripped off because there is nothing left.", should say it all!