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Postcard from Rome

We arrived in Rome on Monday, no real issues, had our Negative test result and ePLF, it was not checked until our flight to Amsterdam (Delta), and then only glanced at, though they did highlight the negative result and the test date.

Concerns about transiting in Amsterdam were unjustified, despite the tightened restrictions, the transit was uneventful, there was no check of test results, Dutch Health Declaration Form, or the Quarantine exception statement, just immigration and on your way as normal.

Arrival in Italy was just a walk off the plane and on our way, though it did look like police were randomly checking a few travelers for their Green Pass.

Other Observations:
It looks like one newby Rome experience may have died. At the airport, they have put in subway style ticket gates for the train, so no having to remember (or know) that you should validate your ticket…and the resulting grumbling about a 50 euro fine for not doing it.

It has been 7 years or so since we were last in Rome, not many changes in our recall, my wife felt it was dirtier and more graffiti than before, I thought it was about the same, though we both agreed that there were fewer loose dogs running around, and the resulting land mines on the sidewalk.

Crowds seemed near normal for restaurants and in the evening, Piazza Navona was relatively vacant though, probably the surprise was the Pantheon…since it is indoors, they have a couple people checking green passes…slowly, so every time we walked by, there was a line of a couple hundred people stretched halfway around the Piazza, so we passed on a quick wander through there.

Capitoline Museum was moderately busy, CDC card was checked, temperature scan, and security check. Other than that, our CDC card was not asked for…though we dined outside for every meal so far (weather is great)

Sorry, no info on Vatican sights or the Forum/Colloseum, just not in our plan this trip.

On to Palermo next.


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Good info - thanks for sharing. How has the weather been?

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Weather is sunny so far, highs of upper 80's, cooler to about 60 at night, so very pleasant.

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Can add....along with every other city, the eScooter craze has taken over Rome. So besides pedestrians, parked cars, and the occasional taxi or Mercedes to contend with on a narrow street, you also need to keep an eye out for a silent scooter whizzing by. It appears that Rome has allowed every scooter company out there to set up shop.