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Post Tour itinerary

My husband and I are on the Venice Florence Rome 10 day Rick Steves tour...very pumped!! We have extra days after the tour before we fly out of Rome. We're early 50s, in good shape, organized and love history (more so than art). Having said that, I'm wondering if the following is advisable:
Post tour day 1 - leave Rome in early a.m., travel by train to Paestum. Walk from station to Paestum (no problem) tour 3-4 hours. Travel to Salerno? Amalfi? and spend night. Would love suggestions for hotel.
Post tour day 2 - up early, travel Amalfi Coast by bus. We're there in mid to late October, so no ferry? Visit towns as bus schedule allows and wind up in Pompeii. Expore and spend the night. Hotel Diana?
Post tour day 3 - finish Pompeii, travel to Naples and see the Museum and then on to Rome to spend night. We would be OK if this was it for Naples.
Post tour day 4 - 10am flight out of FCO to JFK.

Your feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Your itinerary sounds like a tour. Lots of places, little time. Other than the fact that you are racking up city visits (if this is Tuesday, it must be Belgium), it is possible. Skip Paestum, take train to Sorrento and relax enjoying the town that day. Do day trip to Pompeii and the Naples Museum then have dinner in Naples and back to Sorrento. Take a day trip down the Amalfi coast and actually spend some time walking the streets and enjoying the towns. Then return on day 4 to Rome and enjoy your last evening there.

As to the ferry, they were running in mid October when we were there. We took the bus to Positano, then the ferry to Amalfi, then the bus back. But we spent enough time to enjoy ourselves.

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wow, are you ready ??? Looks like a lot of energy to be ready for (batteries on !)
Sleeping in Salerno might not be the best as Paestum is the highlgiht from that Area, although the train service does not serve the Amalfi Coast from Salerno not even ferries. But Paestum is a gem ! Do not miss it !

hotels in Amalfi and coast -

I believe this day two would be a run around by the Coast, mostly scenario I guess unless they visit Ravello (worth every minute of it) and maybe a panoramic view of Positano, maybe a stop in Sorrento. For Pompeii...will you be sleeping at the Diana right, so no worries about accomodation.

The museum in Naples is also a great opportunity to see the outstanding artifacts that were found in Pompeii and surroundings aside form the collection of other items. (I am talking about the National Archeological Museum).

I am sorry this has to be on a rush. I wish you had more time. Let me know if I can help further.

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October? And I thought I planned far ahead. :)

Why are you so eager to get the heck out of the Eternal City? You would not run out of things to do if you stay in Rome and do some day trips. Ostia Antica, Hadrian's Villa and the Baths of Caracalla are very close. Trajan's market, the Jewish Ghetto and more are in Rome proper.

Also, there are some hilltop towns you might enjoy within short day trip distance, such as Orvieto.

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We were lured south to the ruins - Pompeii and/or Herculaneum and then I read about I said, we love history. BUT it seems as though we were reaching too far. Based on the feedback, we will consider forgoing Paestum (maybe another trip) and basing in Sorrento.

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I've actually been DELAYING planning. I've got my daughter's June wedding to plan and want to nail down accomodations before I get sucked into Wedding Planning Hell.