Positano to blue grotto directly

guys rick's book says it's best to take a boat from positano/sorrento direcetly to blue grotto so you can avoid the mad rush at marina grande. But i cannot find any such ferry. Can someone guide me? Thank you

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Liket, AFAIK, there are no boats that go directly from Positano or Sorrento directly to the Blue Grotto, unless it's an excursion as the previous reply mentioned. When the boats arrive at the Blue Grotto, tourists have to transfer to a small rowboat for the trip into the Grotto. Could you provide a reference or page number in the Guidebook where that's mentioned? Cheers!

Posted by Molly
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I'm interested in the answer as well. On page 1011 under Planning Your Time it states: Take an early jet boat to Capri. Go directly to the Blue Grotto, then catch a bus from the Grotto to Anacapri. I'm not clear on Positano, which is the boat I'm most interested in. The Positano connection is mentioned on pg 1021, but it doesn't say anything about a direct connection. Your thoughts?

Posted by Michael
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I think I see the confusion. He's saying to take an early jet boat first thing in the morning directly to Capri and then, once you're in Capri, the first thing you should do is go to the Blue Grotto to beat the crowds.

Posted by Liket
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completely got - i read it right Thank you!