Pope Blessing @ Castel Gandolfo

Has anyone visited Castel Gandolfo on a Sunday in August for the Papal blessing (or Angelus)... what is the best time to arrive to CG to avoid the crowds or at least to get a good viewing spot? We will in Rome in August and although the Pope's itinerary/calendar hasn't been posted yet I am hoping we will be able to see him at least at CG for the Angelus. Thanks,

Posted by Bryan
Rome, Lazio, Italy
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Many are speculating that Pope Francis will not continue the custom of vacationing at Castel Gandolfo. We'll have to wait and see, I guess. In the meantime, you can always try contacting the Sisters who run the US Office for Visitors to the Vatican and find out if they know anything: http://www.pnac.org/visitorsoffice/

Posted by Lydia
Madison, WI
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Thanks Bryan. I have emailed the Sisters. I wasn't aware of the possibility of Pope Francis not spending his summer Vacation at Castel Gandolfo.