pompeii - vesuvius - herculaneum

hello! ill be doing this trip from naples. i think the best order is to start at pompeii, then vesuvius and then herculaneum - and ending up closer to "home" when im done. all i can find information on is round trip tickets from pompeii to vesuvius. i can not find one way from pompeii - vesuvius. do i need to let this go and just go back to pompeii and then get on a train to herculaneum or is there some other way im missing? thank you!

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Hi Jennifer,
I'm not sure I'm reading this right, but are you planning to do all 3 in one day? If so, that's way too much (you can easily spend more than half a day at Pompeii alone). As far as getting there, I think the local rail line is called circumvesuviana (info is available online), if my memory serves me right. Herculeum is a closer stop from Naples than Pompeii. I didn't go to Vesuvius so I can't help with that one.

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There's a bus that goes from the Pompeii train station (and possibly elsewhere) to Vesuvius. Once you get there, there is still a hike to the top. When we were in Pompeii two years ago, we decided not to go to Vesuvius. I think the bus only runs once an hour, and takes about 30 minutes to get to the mountain. So you need at least 2 hours to do the trip, maybe more as i don't know about the hike to the top or what the view is from where the bus drops you off. As I said, I don't know if there are any stops other than Pompeii and Vesuvius so it may not be possible to avoid the round trip and end up back in Pompeii. Pompeii takes a long time - it's pretty spread out. I don't think you have time to do all three in one day.

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Jennifer - it looks like there is some kind of bus from Herculaneum to Vesuvius so presumably you can use it to get from Vesuvius to Herculaneum. The name seems to be Compagnia Trasporti Vesuviani Maybe you can find out more by researching this company.

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Hi Jennifer. The only way I would attempt to see all 3 sights in one day is if you hire a driver and tour guide. This allows you to maximize your time and not waste valuable time figuring out the logistics in terms of getting from one place to the next, etc. We hired a driver & guide for our upcoming trip, to visit Herculaneum & Pompeii. They will pick us up from our hotel in Sorrento & drive us round trip. While the cost isn't cheap, I think it's money worth spent so we can see as much as possible in one day. The guide that I hired also suggested a good winery at the foot of Vesuvius that serves a wonderful homemade lunch and we will stop there between Herculaneum & Pompeii. There is no way that we would be able to do these 3 things in one day if we were relying on public transportation. If you want the name of the guide (& his brother the driver), send me a private message. Have a wonderful trip.

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We signed up for a 'tour' up to Mt Vesuvius right outside the train stn. If memory serves (it was 2008) there were a few (or maybe only 1) companies offering mini-van rides to the top, they give you about 45-60 min to walk up from the parking area (my big tip - have good walking shoes...the ground is very lose soil/rocks - killer on sandaled feet). What was funny is we had 1 too many people, so they had a folding chair for the guy to sit in! Going up the mtn, the people behind had to brace so he wouldn't topple backwards! (safety conscience they are not!). We were there in mid-Sept and the last bus up to the top was around 4 or 5 pm... I don't think you could do all 3 in a day, not if you want to experience everything...we spent about 3 hrs at Herc, and could have spent more except I was getting hungry and there was nowhere there for snacks at the time...they were doing renos on the visitor center...you may want to take your own water/snacks to keep up your energy (Herc is walking distance from the train stn) and a few hours for the Vesuvius trip. You def want to look at closing times for whatever time of year you are there...

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thanks for the advice! i defintely have good walking shoes. learned that lesson the hard way.