Pompeii Private Tour

Rick recommends two tour guides for private Pompeii tours. Gaetano Manfredi quoted us 200 euro for a 2 hour tour. Antonio Somma quoted us 115 euro for his 2 hour tour. Both private for our family of four. Has anyone used either of these tour guides?

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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I've visited Pompeii three times, and once was on a RS tour that used Gaetano Manfredi as a guide. I thought he was an entertaining and knowledgeable guide, although he was very full of himself. I wouldn't pay 200 EUR for him if there was another RS recommended guide at 115 EUR. I'd go with the less expensive guide.

Posted by Miguel
Pembroke Pines, FL, USA
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Funny thing is that I've actually heard guides in EU almost using word for word RS's guide book, memorized. Funny isn't it? I used the book, took our time and really enjoyed Pompeii. Sorry I couldn't help on the guide, but I just wanted to give my props to RS and his book. As far as the guide being full of himself? He's Italian. They don't dress like Indiana Jone, even though some of them are actual archeologists. Expect more dressed like in the movies Goodfellas, Casino or Vinnie in My cousin Vinnie. They can look a little full of themselves, but. Si capisce, io sono Italiano?

Posted by Laurel
Rome, Italy
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We enjoyed Gaetano Manfredi enormously and thought he was well worth the €200.

Posted by Audrey
Keizer, Oregon, USA
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We have booked a one day tour through Viator Tours for Pompeii, Naples, and Amalfi coast from Rome. The cost is $138 it is about a 12 hour day trip.