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Pompeii Guide--On the Spot

I'm returning to Pompeii this summer for the third time and am thinking about approaching things differently--I've done my own tour in the past. Has anyone on the list just shown up at Pompeii and looked around outside the ticket booth for a guide? (Rick writes, "Live guides cluster near the ticket booth." To be honest, I've never noticed.) What has been your experience? How much did you pay for a tour? Alternatively, has anyone used the audio guide? What did you think of that?

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Yes there we guides all over when I was at Pompeii a few weeks ago. We got there pretty close to opening time, so that might be a good time to check. We didn't take a tour, but we did get the audio guide which was VERY extensive. It covered a lot of the city, in almost to much detail for my taste. So we skipped around to the stuff we were most interested in. Really glad we had it though!


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Hire Gaetano Manfredi. His contact information is in Rick's book. We did a tour with him in March 2003, and he was a great guide. We recommended his tours to friends who went in May 2006, and March 2007. Our friends hired him for a tour and were very pleased. You can see him on Rick's most recent DVD.