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I am trying to find a way to travel from Rome to Pompeii during my stay in Italy in 2008- Are there tours that goto to Pompeii that are stationed in Rome or is a better deal to go on my own and take the train?

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It depends on how you like to travel and how much you want to pay. There are plenty of tour companies in Rome that offer one-day excursions to Pompeii. I've always done the trip on my own (and saved a lot of money) by taking the train to Naples, changing there (see Rick's book for instructions), and continuing onto Pompeii. Once there, you can get a guide or use the quite adequate audioguide. It's very do-able in a day.

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I will share my experience with you. I took the train from Rome. It was extremely easy. Transfer in Naples. Train ride was wonderful. Arrived in Pompeii at 11:30 A.M. While waiting for my small group of family and friends outside the ruins, a tour bus arrived. As the tour group was departing, the guide indicated that they had two hours before departure. This was without lunch. My group om the other hand, ate lunch for two hours, toured the ruins for three four hours, and returned to Rome relaxed and ready for dinner. Why be a tourist, when you can be a traveler. Why be restricted of when you go, with whom you are going with, on a set time table.