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Pompei Local Guide

We plan to visit Pompei on our own, but would like to know if there is any recommendation for a knowledgeable local guide who speaks English and provide more in-depth tour? If you would, how much he/she charges for a personal tour?

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Guides in Camapnia should wear their licenses very well dispalyed actually. There are "guides" that can give you a tour to Pompeii and you might get a very knowledgeable person or not (let's call them pseudo-guides). Pompeii also offer audio-guides if you are interested.

Also, a professional guide will cost approx. 120 Euros for a full day with you, no entrance fees included. Full day means 8 hours.

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Gaetano Manfredi. Rick recommends him in his guidebook and uses him as a local guide for his tour groups. Gaetano was our guide when I visited Pompeii on a Rick Steves tour. He is fun, knowledgeable and speaks english fluently. Rick's 2008 guidebook says official Pompeii guides charge about EUR 115 for a 2 hour tour, so Gaetano's rate should be in that ball park. E-mail is If you'd prefer to call, numbers in his e-mail address are his cell number.