Pompei and Capri in one day

Hello, We are planning a trip to Italy and we have 2 days in Venice, 2 days in Florence and 3 days in Rome. One of the days we reserved for Pompeii from Rome and back. Just wondering if we can do Pompeii and Capri (even if its just a few hours each) and back to Rome by night. If yes, please let know the best way (or fastest route) to cover them.
If no, can we do Pompeii and Amalfi instead. We heard the coast through the Naples is very scenic and not to be missed and hence either Capri or Amalfi. Thanks for all your responses !

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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I would do Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast and Capri on the same day. Wear running shoes. Joking aside you can do it but it's a marathon and you'll have to rush through everything. Instead of Amalfi, maybe you should stop in Positano, which is closer, just to get a taste of the Coast. Start from the farthest point first (Positano) and ride your way back. Just make sure you are back in Naples by 730 pm. I think that's when the last Freccia to Rome departs. This is your itinerary: ROME-NAPLES (Trenitalia - Freccia train) 70 min NAPLES-SORRENTO (Circumvesuviana train) 70 min SORRENTO-POSITANO (Bus) 45 min. Return: POSITANO-SORRENTO (Bus) 45 min. SORRENTO-POMPEII (Circumvesuviana train) 1/2+ h POMPEII-NAPLES (Circumvesuviana train) 1/2+ h
NAPLES-ROME (Freccia) 70 min.

Posted by Alan
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As Roberto said, that's a lot to do in one day. You asked if you could do Pompei and Capri in one day. I think you can but, it too will be tight. Catch the train from Rome to Naples that will put you in Napoli Centrale as early as possible, then make your way to the port where you can catch a hydrofoil (40-50 min) to Capri. then, take the hydrofoil from Capri to Sorrento (20 mins, I think) and take the Circumvesuviana that Roberto mentioned to the Pompei Scavi stop right near the entrance to the site. Then, get back on that train for the journey to Naples, and switch to the Trenitalia train for the train back to Rome.

Posted by Eileen
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Don't forget - all of these connections will involve waiting-around-for-the-next-train/bus...so there's even more time spent.

Posted by Robert
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Or do what I did. Cut out everythibg south of Rome and make that a seperate trip next time. I wanted to spend a couple days on the amalfi coast so that trip will be the next one for me.

Posted by Kim
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I can not begin to imagine how you could depart from Rome, make it to Naples, change to the Circumvesuviana and make it to Pompeii, tour the ruins, back on the Circumvesuviana to Sorrento (I suppose), down to the harbor,catch a boat over to Capri, make it up to town from the harbor, tour the town, go back down to the harbor, catch a boat back to Naples, transfer from the harbor to the train station, catch the train back to Rome. Maybe if you were traveling by private helicopter!!!

Posted by Kat
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I have to agree with Kim... this sounds like WAAAAAY to much to do in one day. Nightmarish, even. You'll spend so much time rushing between places, with so little time actually exploring and enjoying everything when you finally get there.

Posted by Tom
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Kim and Kat are right. A day trip from Rome just to Pompeii will take you 6-7 hours at a minimum.

Posted by Janet
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Wow! That is a very aggressive itinerary. I would probably do Pompeii and do the others on another trip. On an Italy trip with my family we spent 4 nights in Sorrento and went to Pompeii one day, Capri another day, and on final day we took bus (we had a car and just left it parked at our hotel)to Positano and boat back to Sorrento. We were here in the summer and we did spend time standing in lines for the amalfi coast buses and hydrofoil to Capri and back. Have you thought of just going to Ostia Antica (from train station very quick walk to O.A. site)which is a very easy train ride from Rome? Was in Rome in Oct. 2011 with my sister and she had not been to Pompeii so we contemplated taking the train down there but in the end we decided to go to Ostia and she still got a look at some good ruins.

Posted by Joseph
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Visit Rome and skip the points south; the time you've allowed for Rome is insufficient. Actually, your allocation for Florence and Venice are insufficient, as well If I were planning this trip, I'd focus on Venice and Florence; perhaps taking a day trip outside of Florence. On your proposed schedule, you'll be packing and unpacking, and barely have time to take anything in.

Posted by Marcus
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Personally, I'd skip Capri. Even the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii is very aggressive. I haven't been yet, but I've heard the ruins at Ostia Antica close to Rome are very good, so you might want to skip Pompeii and do that instead on one of your other Rome days (perhaps late in the afternoon). Honestly if you do the latter, focus on the Amalfi its gorgeous and way cooler than Capri. Train it to Sorrento and rent a car and drive as far as Ravello or Minori. There are car rental places close to the station in Sorrento. The Amalfi drive is easy and slow so don't worry about crazy southern Italian drivers!