Pocketbook for Florence Art and Architecture

I am not into kindles, smartphones, etc. I am looking for a compact book with pictures and brief explanations of art and architecture in Florence. Particularly, main highlight art pieces in the Uffizi. Does anyone have such a book that he/she can recommend for walking around Florence and museums? What is the title, author so I can purchase one? Thanks! All I am finding online is thick books on art or ereader books. ---Barb

Posted by Gail
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Have you tried Rick's travel books? We used his one specific for London and thought it was great, he may have one for city you want. Just look on this website.

Posted by Julie
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Definitely go with Ricks Florence and Tuscany book. His tour of the Uffizi is great. You can also get an audio version through his Audio Europe App or as a pod cast through iTunes.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Barb, Your best bet is probably the RS Florence & Tuscany Guidebook, as it has a LOT of useful nformation, including walking tours for many of the sights. It's not exactly "pocket size", but not really a large or heavy book. Click on the "Travel store" tab at the top to have a look at the product detail. Happy travels!

Posted by Sherry
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I've found that the best guides for art and architecture are unquestionably the Blue Guides. They have a Florence guidebook, as well as one that focuses on Tuscany (plus guidebooks on regions and the entire country). They provide much more discussion than RS or other guides. However, you won't find a lot of pictures in the Blue Guides (or RS). Blue Guides publisher has also recently released some more trendy city/shopping/highlights guides. You could check their website for the variants. You'd need to decide if you consider them "compact"; they're not small, but I can carry them in my purse. If you want pictures... The Eye Witness Guides from DK publishing are better (but not much text; weigh a ton; and the country guides aren't geographically organized). For major cities, they have nice features like neighborhood maps showing highlights and really nice cut-aways to help understand/tour complex buildings. National Geographic guides also have lots of pictures, but I think fewer featuers than Eye Witness.

Posted by shirley
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You can buy an official guide specific to the Uffizi (and similar books at the other museums) published by Giunti. I think the one for the Uffizi costs 10 euro and is available just after you go through security at the Uffizi. It comes with colour photos and good commentary on the paintings and it's a very nice souvenir.

Posted by Barb
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Hi Everyone! Thanks for your help. I am not familiar with Blue guides and will check them out. I like the suggestion for the Uffizi - art guides for purchase on-site. That may be my best bet. I have RS Italy and Pocket Rome. I was simply looking for a sight-seeing book without all the hotel/transportation info.. Something I could just carry easily with me during the day. Anyone want to start a new business with me --- making English pocket guides of Florence? (Just kidding around)