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Please help! TrenItalia purchased wrong day!!:O(

I just purchased two tickets on Super Economy the Frecciarossa train from Florence to Rome and paid 65 US dollars. However, when I purchased it, I noticed the date was 06/15 and not 06/14..
We need to leave on june 14 for rome.
When I went to change the reservation, it wont give me the choice to change the date. Help, did I just lose 65 dollars ??:((((((( I am so mad at myself, I dont know what I did wrong or how I clicked it, and at the end, it wouldnt let me even confirm booking before purchasing with Paypal.
Can I get the refund from Paypal?

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Unfortunately Super Economy tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable, so there's nothing you can do. If you need to travel on the 14th, you'll have to buy new tickets. There's nothing that PayPal can do, as they have paid Trenitalia on your behalf, and they can't get a refund for that class of ticket either.

You might also check Italo Treno for that route as they may have some special prices. Be sure to note which station the train will arrive at in Rome, as Italo sometimes uses different stations.

You can also buy tickets for both Trenitalia and Italo using, which is a very user friendly website.

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and at the end, it wouldnt let me even confirm booking before purchasing with Paypal.

When you choose the train and then when you go to the information page the travel information is listed to the right. It contains the starting station and time of departure, the arrival station and time of arrival, the date, the type of train and train number and then the price. You could have confirmed the purchase at least two times before the actual purchase.

Sorry this happened to you but at this point, there is nothing that can be done. These are non-changeable and non-refundable tickets.


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No change means no change. You cannot blame the site. It is very clear all the way through what you are purchasing. In response to your earlier question about trains I tried to make it clear that you have three levels of ticket pricing - Super economy, economy, and base. Both economy tickets are NON-refundable and super economy is NON-changeable. That is why you don't get a choice about changing the reservation. About the only thing you could do is throw yourself on the mercy of a ticket agent in person and hope that maybe, some how, there might be a way to make a change. The probability is very low but you might get lucky.

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As everyone has said, it's too late to do anything now, exept maybe hope for a rail strike on the day of your trave

If the OP is reading this, it might be helpful (for others) if you can detail how this happened. I know everytime I buy tickets I still have to double check because the way they list the dates can be confusing. Listing the day first, not the month. The website does give you several chances to confirm the dates of travel.

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Thank you for all of your helpful responses.
I paid through PayPal, and I VERY specifically looked on that screen to confirm booking, and there was no date listed. It was midnight, and I was very tired after being up since 5am, oh well. I will bring my tickets and try to exchange them there, if not, do u know if they are much more expensive if I buy that day?
Thanks in advance my fellow helpful travelers!
We leave tomorrow!!

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the lower levels will drop off by then, and on the day you will likely have to pay the Base Price - which would have been the top line of the fares that they offered you.

It is not that the fares go up, it is that the discount fares get all used up and you are up to full fare.

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You can check right now what the walk up price is. It is the base fare - 84E. It does not change. In my earlier suggestion of throwing yourself on the mercy of a ticket agent, the best that you could hope for is a credit of your SE purchase applied to base fare. Now matter how good your story is you are not going to get another SE tickets.

If pricing is important. There is an IC (Intercity) train that day, about 6 hours for 30E. There some SE tickets around 59E still available on afternoon trains on the 14th. I would cut my loses on book the next best thing. Just paid for another lesson in life.

I had similar situation last Spring - booked a connecting flight on easyJet for $154. Thought I have covered all my bases. The overnight flight was cancelled and we were re-booked a day later into a different city. Obviously I lost that ticket. Things happen. Several years booked a US domestic flight but realized within one hour that I was off a day. Cost $100 to change that ticket.

PS All European dates are listed as day, month, year. Personally I think is very logical going from smallest to largest but I do have to think about it. To the Europeans, our system of month/day/year is just as confusing and odd. Whenever I give a date to a ticket agent or someone else, I always write on paper/note as 08 June 2016. It is in their format but I understand it better. I do the same thing when booking tickets on line - that is the translation to myself. That way when I enter on the screen I know it is correct 08/06/16.

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As tough as it is to swallow I would go with Frank on this one and rebuy tickets for the correct date now and chalk it up to one of life's many learning moments.
You really don't want to ruin your vacation trying to argue in what I assume will be a foreign language over $65 that is going to be likely an impossible argument to win.

Look at the other side, you are getting Super Economy ticket rate, so even at $130 it is cheaper than cost of other transportation to get there.

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Another thing about the European calendar system: the week begins on Monday, Sunday is the seventh day. Very biblical.

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Just for clarification, the itinerary is listed to the right side of the page when you choose the train you wish to travel on. Once you enter your dates and time of travel you'll be taken to the page where you choose the train you wish to take. If you look to the right of the "prices" column you'll see a red box that says "cart". It won't have anything in it until you choose the train you want. Even if you just choose a train to see which fares are available it will still be shown in your cart. Once you've chosen your train and hit the continue button you'll go to the next page where you'll enter your travel information. Again, you'll see your "cart" to the right of the page. This cart has the following information in this order:

type of train- (such as frecciarossa or other)
type of fare booked (such as super-economy or economy)
Then the total on the bottom.

This is standard and can be seen through the entire booking process. You should always check this box before agreeing to the sale.