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Planned Italy Itinerary

Is this itinerary too ambitious?
Arrive Rome
3 days Rome
2 days Venice
2 day Florence
4 days Tuscany
2 days Cinque Terre
Travel to Milan for the afternoon
Fly from MIlan home

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I think this itinerary is too ambitous. You will spending as much time traveling as you will in the cities. Combine in Florence & Tuscany into 1 hotel stay (possibly Siena) and do Florence as a daytrip or 2. Packing up all your stuff and checking in/out of a hotel takes a lot more time than you realize.

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I disagree with the other poster. I think your itinerary sounds just about perfect. Everyone has different ideas about spending too much time traveling or not spending enough time in one area, but I prefer to see many places and tend to get bored if I stay in one place too long. On our last trip we did 3 days for Rome 2 days for Venice and 2 days for Florence and the only thing I would change if I did it again would be spending one day less in Rome.

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As a "sampler" of Italy this two-weeks itinerary sounds perfect. You will get an idea of places to return to for further exploration.

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Our itinerary was 4 days Rome, 1 Assisi, 2 Florence, 1 Genoa (where grandmother was originally from), 2 days Lake Como area, 2 days Venice. It was perfect. We enjoyed the scenery while traveling on the train. One of our days in Rome included a day trip to Pompeii. Lake Como was a very relaxing time which we needed at that point.

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This is a sprint, but doable. You are setting yourself up for disappointment if you expect any of these stops (except maybe CT) to be more than a taste of what is there, especially Rome. If that's what you are after, I think this can be a satisfying trip. If you could shift a day to Rome I don't think you would regret it.

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I believe you should modify the direction - first Rome, then Florence & Tuscany, then Venice them Milan to home. Flow very well (via train).

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I agree with Gela. We just did fly in to rome,amalfi,orvieto,montepulciano,gaoile in chianti, florence, venice, lake garda, milan, fly out of milan in three weeks. That flows well.

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I agree, change the itinerary. WE flew into Milan and stayed there for one night, three nights Lake Como, four nights Venice, one night florence, two nights tuscany, 3 nights rome, 2 amalfi coast, one rome and flew home out of rome.
Be sure you have all the trains reserved ahead of time, so you don't spend time figuring out schedules, etc. I made our train reservations based on which side we needed more time. have fun.Marilee