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Plane tickets to italy

We are planning on going to Italy for two weeks in November 2019
There are six of us going

I looked on kayak tonight at plane tickets from Kansas City to Venice and then Rome back to KC-
It will be under $800 per ticket

Will the tickets go lower than this? I really wasn’t planning on buying tickets this far ahead but it seems pretty cheap?

This is our first trip to Europe so I’m not sure-
Our daughter is going to Italy in June and her ticket is $1500.

Thanks for your help!

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If that is for 'regular' coach, (i.e. includes luggage & food) it sounds good.

No way to know with certainty if price will go lower, but there is more room for 'up' than 'down'

Its your money, not mine, so my vote for 'do it', is worth $0.02 (or less.)

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Will the tickets go lower than this?

There is no magic, no trick, no way for anyone to know. Ticket prices go up and down every nanosecond, sometimes dramatically so. There is no human-understandable logic to pricing, nor any way to know what prices will do in the future.

Most folks have found that the best way to know if the price you see is a good one or not is to watch prices carefully over an extended period, but even that's more of an art than a science.

If you see a price that you're comfortable with, buy it, and move on to worrying about other things.

I must add: IMHO anyone who buys a ticket without regard to any other factor besides the lowest price deserves whatever experience they get. Many otherwise sensible folks, who would never in a million years shop for a car with the lowest price being the only thing they consider, then run out and shop for a flight with just one criteria: the absolute lowest price, to the exclusion of all else. Then, without a trace of irony, many of these same folks come back and complain loudly about how god-awful air travel has become.

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$800? Book it quick. Sure airfares can go up, but they're not likely to go below that airfare.

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But as noted above, make sure you know what this $800 includes: one free checked bag? Seat selection? Direct flight, or comfortable connections? If not, what additional fees go on top of the quoted price ?
November is usually cheaper than high-season June.

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I see a lot of flights in the $800 range that have really tight connections - an hour, an hour and 15 minutes, less than 2 hours. I've made such connections in situations where I didn't have to go back through security or clear customs. But even then, it was at a sprint and arriving with minutes to spare. If I am flying just one airline and don't have a strict time requirement to get back (and am feeling adventurous) I will occasionally book tight connections on my return flight, but never on my outbound flight.

I've also found flights with leisurely connections in that price range. If that's the case, you may have found a great deal!

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Flights to Venice tend to be more expensive compared to other Italian cities. Of course, multi-city tickets save you the time and expense of returning to your arrival city. A trip from your home airport to Venice will most likely involve two stops, which makes it even more critical to have adequate connection times. Also, the low fares listed are probably Economy Fares, which typically do not include checked bags or advance seat selection.

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nikhen. I fly out of KC too. That is a great fare. Normally, fares on the majors to most of the big cities in Europe run $1300-1600 pp for economy seats. The only potential problem with buying this far in advance is the possibility that the schedule will change in the interim. But if you are committed to the trip, I'd do it.

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I agree w/David regarding buying at the lowest price. Check connection times, add on expenses, etc. Also, I would never buy a ticket from Kayak, Expedia, etc. You have no recourse if there is a problem during the trip. Find a good price, then go to the airline's site and book directly from them, price should be close or the same. This way you will have recourse if there are any problems. You won't save money if you miss a connection or have to spend an extra night because of a missed/cancelled flight. As usual, you get what you pay for. Enjoy your trip!

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I concur with what has been said above. My flight to Italy for October is a right under 850 round trip - I booked an open jaw ticket that was direct each way. Price includes one free checked bag. Based on research done I was comfortable with this price and committed - and this was back on November 2018. Only committed after a couple of weeks watching it fluctuate to where I was comfortable with and then back up. Finally pulled the trigger when it went back down again.

Looking now same flight is over 1000 round trip.