Places to stay in the Genoa area with Waterfront view

We need to find a place to stay for 3 nights in the Genoa area along the water. We will be traveling from Venice by train. My husband's family is from Genoa and he wants to visit. One of the days during our stay will be a day trip to Cinque Terra. We would like to stay somewhere where our room would overlook the water and it would be a bonus if it has beach access. Any recomendations on a City to stay in and a hotel? My budget is around $150 per night.We will be traveling around the first part of October. I have found the boat show is in Genoa around that time so I need to take that into consideration. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Posted by Kathy
San Carlos, CA, USA
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Hi Lisa, My husband and I have relatives in Genoa that we visit every few years. They live right in the city of Genoa. My question to you is: does your husband have family still living there and is he going to visit them? Are they right in the city or are they outside? The reason I ask is this: you DO NOT want to be in the city of Genoa during the Boat Show. Our cousins tell us that the city is in gridlock all week and they themselves do not venture out during that week. So if you can avoid it during that week I strongly recommend it. Also hotels during that time period will be scarce if available at all. I don't know if that extends to towns outside Genoa. I'm afraid I can't help with the hotel recommendation. We have only stayed in the city of Genoa. Best of luck.

Posted by lisa
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Thank you for your reply. My husband has family there but were not in contact with them. We may try to communicate with them before we leave. I have been looking at Sestri Levante, have you stayed there before?