Places to eat near Vatican for Families

Need suggestions for economical places to eat near Vatican Museum with a variety of food for family with teenagers.

Posted by Allen
Lafayette, LA
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I don't have specific places right near the museums, but just a little further away down via Ottaviani toward the metro stop, also down via Crescenzio toward Castel Sant Angelo and the Prati area are tons of inexpensive family-oriented tavola caldas, pizzerias, etc. I stayed in this area with my three teens last summer. We stuck to tavola caldas that had tables we could see what we were getting prior to ordering (lasagna, spaghetti, chicken, veggies, etc).

Posted by Bethanne
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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We ate at this Pizzeria twice, once was after our visit to the Vatican. It's not far at all and the food is great. L'Isola della Pizza Via degli Scipioni 45, 00192 Rome, Italy

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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Isola della Pizza, definitely - and much more than pizza, but the pizza, in my goddaughter's words, was "awesome!".

Posted by donna
roswell, ga, usa
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I usually stay at the hotel Alimandi, (directly across the street from the entrance to the Vatican Museum) and two blocks to the rear is a street called
Via Candia. There's a nice, SMALL pizzeria on that street which advertises forno al legna (wood oven) that makes great pizzas and a nicer restaurant not expensive with pizza and authentic Roman dishes (something for everyone) which is my favorite restaurant in Rome: Piacere Molise. Via Candia, 60 Do NOT eat at the large pizzeria on the corner across from Piacere Molise. You will see the busses pull up with multiple students, and the food is very mediocre! Gelato across the street from Vatican Museum is "Old Bridge" You may see throngs of students waiting for this ice cream -- and deservedly so! It's probably got the best and biggest servings with cheap prices. Hope this helps.

Posted by Bethanne
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Zoe, is correct - alot more than just pizza! We had some really great pasta dishes for dinner one night and then salads and pizza after the Vatican!! I took pics of the food b/c we loved it so much! We chose to eat outside both times b/c it's great for people watching but inside it's really nice.