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Pizza is REALLY special now!

I note on this website's "European Headlines for Travelers" that BBC is reporting...

From this summer onwards the Pizza Napolitana (known as "Margarita") will be recognised by the European Union as a "regional speciality", with the same rank as French Champagne or German beer, which means anyone selling it in Europe under the official title, Pizza Napolitana, should theoretically be subject to strict inspections.

The rules published in the European Union's Official Journal were drawn up by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana (the True Neapolitan Pizza Association).

The new law states the pizza must be no more than 35cm (14in) in diameter and no thicker than a third of a centimetre at its centre, rising to 2cm at the crust.

The tomatoes must be the San Marzano variety grown in the fertile soil at Mount Vesuvius' base.

The oil: extra virgin; the cheese: buffalo mozzarella. All the ingredients must be from the Campania region.

The oven must be wood-fired, and the pizza must cook in less than two minutes.

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Given the general disregard for rules and regulations, I wonder how this will be enforced...

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Is there enforcement of the rule that cheese labeled "Parmesan" must come from the Parma area?

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Yes, Parmegiana-Reggiana (pardon my spelling) can only come from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. That also was passed this week by the EU. The cows must be fed on 75% grass from the area. No Kraft in a green canister for the Europeans! I'm looking forward to eating real pizza and real parmesean in about 2 weeks!