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Pisa- worth the stop? Climbing tower worth it?

We will be traveling by train from Florence to Monterosso. I'm assuming we will change trains in Pisa. Is it worth while to spend a few hours in Pisa? Is it worth the approx $25 a person to get tickets to climb the tower?

We will only have that day plus another in CT. Is our time better spent there? Thanks.

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I've been to Pisa 4 or 5 times. I climbed the tower as a tourist (first time!) and then later as a guide, when I took friends and family. The Tower costs 17 Euro to climb and in season you probably should buy in advance as a limited amount of folks are allowed up each 20 minute period.

I agree with Larry - if you're in the neighborhood you must see the tower, and if you're there, it's an incredible landmark to climb! The climb is not the easiest due to the angle of tower and the worn marble steps. But it's breath-taking and rewarding once you get to the top.

I found Pisa to be a charming town, yet a small town. We spent some time on our last trip seeing the back streets and thoroughly enjoyed getting off the tourist path. Other than the tower area there are not many other "tourist spots."

The bus system is good, the shopping has a small town flavor, but you have to leave the Campo dei Miracoli ("Field of Miracles") to see it! Good luck!


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Personally no, I wouldn't spend an extra dime. I saw it once , like 25 years ago, and what I remember most was the cheesey Pisa Tower lamps being sold near the Tower, who buys those things??LOL
Spend the day in CT.

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As tacky as the experience can be (going on hearsay, haven't done it yet, but will in July), it's still worth it.

First of all, the tower has been closed for a long time, so being able to climb it is relatively new. And, I have heard that it is worth the climb, even if it's just for the experience of the lean.

At least, I hope so! Because, we'll be travelling from Florence to Vernazza (by car), and we're stopping in Pisa just long enough to climb the Tower.

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Two points. First, as with riding a gondola in Venice, you have to see the tower. Outside of historic grounds and the church adjacent to the tower, there is nothing else to see in Pisa. It will take 30 minutes each way to walk in and back from the train station or you can take the bus from the train station to the tower.

Second, yes you will most likely change trains in Pisa. All runs to Pisa from Florence seem to be on local R (Regionale) trains. No reservations permitted. You just buy your ticket, get on and take any available seat. You can stand if there are no seats. The trains from Pisa to Monterosso are also mostly R trains. If you are booked on R trains for the entire journey, you can hop off, tour the tower and get back on a later similar R train to continue your journey. You will have 2-3 tickets (you might changet trains at La Spezia as well). They will all be "open" tickets. No dates, times or seat numbers. Just be sure to validate your ticket before boarding.

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Yes. If you are there anyway do take the time. We were there before the tower was re-opened. I hope it remains open until I can return. Reflect on the Architectural and structural engineering marvel that it is.