Pisa to Siena

First of all thank you to all the people out there that have been answering my questions!! It is much appreciated!! We are flying into Pisa this week and I want to get from the airport to the train station (how?). I want to check our luggage in at the train station (where?)and I want to go to see the tower and wander around (how to get there from train station and how to get back) and then....I need to take a train to Siena. I have all Ricks books so I am culling information from there but I was wondering if any of you experienced travelers have any tips on the above. Thank you!!!

Posted by Roberto
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There is a train station inside the Pisa airport. Take that train to the Pisa Centrale station. Get off and put your luggage in the DEPOSITO BAGAGLI (baggage depot) for a fee. Visit Pisa. Return to station, retrieve luggage. Buy train tickets to Siena.
Take train to Florence, but make sure it's a train that stops in Empoli, along the way. Get off in Empoli. From Empoli take a train (coming from Florence) that goes to Siena . If you happen to take a train that doesn't stop in Empoli (Regionale Veloce, fast regional, to Florence), no biggies. Get to Florence. Get off in Florence and take a train to Siena from there. You will have to back track a little bit to Empoli, but it's probably just as fast. From Florence you could also take a bus. The bus from Florence is faster than the train and takes you on top of the hill (Siena is on top of a hill, the train takes you at the bottom of it and from the station you need a bus or taxi up)

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Thank you Roberto!!That was so helpful. I have planned this trip myself using the Rick Steves guidebooks and help from Rick Steves message boards. Everyone is so helpful. Ellen

Posted by Devon
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As Roberto pointed out, the train station is at the bottom of Siena and the bus station is at the top. If your hotel is within walking distance of the bus station, I would advise taking a bus from Florence so that you can walk downhill from the bus stop and avoid a taxi. And you cannot miss the trains at the Pisa Airport, they are immediately outside the entrances for the airport buildings. There are machines there to purchase tickets. (I can't remember if they take credit card though, they are older machines so it may just be cash or coins.)

Posted by David
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As you come out into the Pisa Airport terminal, turn left and the train is at the far end of the terminal. There's a bank ATM on they way if you need to purchase Euros to get the train tickets. As was said, that train will take you over to the main Pisa train station.
If you by chance need to take a bus from Florence to Siena, the buses are sitting across from the Florence train station to the right of the McDonalds Restaurant. That's out the left hand side door and across the street.