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Pisa in 1 day

I am reaching Florence in morning and leaving the next evening. Would it be possible to visit PISA the on the first day I am there?
How long does it take to go to Pisa and come back to Florence? Is there a website for local train from Florence to Pisa?


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You are looking at an estimated 5.0hr round trip to Pisa to see the leaning tower (my assumption). 3hrs round trip on the train. The tower is a 30 minute walk in and a 30 minute walk out. That leaves an hour for looking at the tower and adjacent historical grounds. You can certainly stay longer if you wish.

The website for Italian trains is Select the English button in the center-top of the web page.

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But there is a timed entry to the tower, so if you're dead-set on climbing, be flexible. First thing to do once in Pisa is make a bee-line straight to the ticket office and get your timed ticket.

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I will actually suggest that Larry's estimate of thirty-minutes to walk there and back is a little optimistic. I pretty much speed-walked there and back and it took thirty minutes... but that was a hectic pace. If you want to walk it, allow at least 45-minutes each way. If you want to save time, then you can always take a cab or take the bus.

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Have you previously been to Florence and seen everything there? I can't imagine leaving Florence to go to see Pisa during your 30 hours in Florence.

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I have done this trip twice- it is very do-able. 5 hours is probably right, as a minimum amount of time you should plan on- You can purchase your tickets for the tower on-line and reserve your time when you do- otherwise, you may have to wait two hours for your turn once you get there. You won't need advance tickets for the other stuff there (you can pay to see the church, baptistry, cemetery, and two museums).


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The bus to the Tower area is directly across the street/square from the Pisa train station. Very easy to visit the tower and return to the train station.