Pisa airport to Leaning Tower

We are flying into Pisa airport around noon and then are taking a train to Siena where we will be staying. Does anyone have any input as far as maybe leaving luggage somewhere at the airport and going to see the Tower (and surrounding area) . Would love any recommendations as I would hate to miss the opportunity to show the tower to my 12 year old . Thanks!! Ellen

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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There is the "Deposito Bagagli" at the Information office inside the airport. It's 7 euro a day for each piece of luggage. The baggage will be screened for security reason just like baggage boarded on a plane. It opens at 10am and closes at 8pm. Take a taxi from the airport to the tower. It's a long walk from the airport. Once in the Campo dei Miracoli (Miracles' field), you'll see tower, duomo and baptistry. The camposanto (cemetery) is behind the duomo. Just a couple of hours and you can see everything. You can even climb up the tower if you want. Hold on to your 12 y.o. The tower is leaning and there is no rail to prevent you from falling down and the ground in Pisa is harder than your head, but not harder than the Pisanos' heads, since they aren't known for their smartness (or so the rest of Tuscany, especially the Livornesi say).

Posted by Mike
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There is baggage storage available in the Pisa Centrale train station. Go there first and drop off, as the airport is further out. Then you can make your way across town to the Tower area. Be sure to walk at least one way. Pisa is a beautiful town, and the Pisans are quite friendly. The market area is very lively in the morning, and nearby Piazza dei Cavalieri is a stunning urban composition. You'll need reservations to climb the Tower, but it's a really neat experience. Your child can stand where Galileo stood for his famous gravity experiment - can't beat that! It's beast not to eat around the Tower area, for those establishments need not offer good food to get customers.