Pienza to Hallstadt

In August 2013 we are taking a two week trip to Europe. We are renting a car. We will be arriving in Rome and driving to our first destination, Pienza. We will be staying there one week. We then will be driving up to Austria and then to Germany. We have three days to get from Pienza to Hallstatt. On the fourth day we will be driving to Rothenburg to finish out our trip. My first question is which way should we travel north to get to Hallstatt? What small town in Austria should we call home for one night? Not sure we want do the trip from Pienza to Hallstatt all in one day. We think it may be a little much. Your thoughts?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Wendy, Have you already rented the Car? Normally if a car is rented in one country and dropped in another, there's a HUGE fee attached. As you appear to be renting in Italy and dropping in Germany, that may be a factor to consider. As you'll be driving in Italy, note that EACH driver will require the compulsory International Driver's Permit, which is used with your home D.L.'s. You'll also have to be VERY careful to avoid the dreaded Z.T.L. areas (steep fines!). I've never driven from Pienza to Hallstatt, but suspect that's going to be a VERY long trip to do in one day. I believe the distance is about 800 kM. One point to note is that cars are not allowed in Hallstatt, so you'll have to park at the end of town and walk or use the Shuttle to your hotel (depending on where you're staying). Hopefully one of the others will have more specific information on the driving time. Happy travels!

Posted by Wendy
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Thank you Ken for your reply. Yes, we found out there is a huge price to pay for dropping off in a different country. Thank you for all the information you provided. Much appreciated!