Piedmont and Alps and Truffles

Hello! I'm living in Umbria for a year and realized I should probably visit the Piedmont during fall for the truffle season. Here's the thing, though, I've been to the Piedmont and loved it, but thought it might be nicer to see the Piedmont in a leisurely drive to the Italian alps, where I have not been and would like to see (and all of a sudden, a year feels like not enough time). So my question: Is early November (when the kids have a school holiday) a good time to visit the Alps, or is it already too cold to do any walking? Any suggestions for great towns to stay in for a couple of days in a rough northerly direction from Alba, Barolo etc (so we can visit on our way up, and down)? Finally, any wineries or festivals or restaurants that you'd suggest en route? I hope this isn't too vague! Michelle

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Any time is good to visit the Alps. Temperatures in early Nov. in the Alps are kind of cold already, especially at night. Sometimes it might even snow in early November, but it's hard to tell nowadays with this climate change. Last year they had no snow and above avg temperatures in early Nov. The Alps didn't see any snow (except for the artificial stuff) until just before Xmas. So check the weather forecast about a week before departure and in any case, carrying chains is mandatory, so be prepared. There are lots of things to visit in Piedmont besides the Alps. The Langhe and Monferrato, where they produce wine, for example. Turin has quite a bit to see as well.