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Pick up rental car at termini station

After being in Rome for 3 days we will pick up a rental car and head out to Siena. We can pick up the car at the airport or the termini station, which is better?

Also, we want to stop in Orvieto, maybe Civita on way, is it safe to leave luggage in the rental car????

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Just curious, but why don't you take the train from Termini to Orvieto and pick up your rental car there?

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Taking the train to Orvieto was the plan!!! BUT its a Sunday!!!! The Rome office is the only option...I know that would have been soooo easy!!!

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Another major rental spot is in the Bourghsee park (you take the escalator near the Spanish Steps up to all the auto rental agencies.)

We rented our car there, and using the directions furnished by the rental agency, it was easy to find our way out of town.

I have also heard that getting a car at the Termini worked well, also.

Don't rent a car without getting a GPS, or buy one here, learn how to use it, and take it with you.

Go to the web site ( they are a broker that handles all of the major agencies. They are reccomended by travel agents and RS) Using their web site, plug in the different pick-up points and check out the varying prices and availablity of cars.

Also check to see if they have cars available on Sunday in Orvieto ( I am not excited asbout leaving luggage in a rental car.)

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Having done both, we found leaving from the airport easier than getting out of Rome.

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have to agree here...the airport (for us) is always the easiest to get in and out, car rentals (automatics anyway) always seem to be much cheaper from the airpot.

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Neither in my opinion. I would take the train to Firenze and when finished there, rent you car there and drive to Siena. When finished there drive on to Orvieto. You can see most of Tuscany driving from Siena to Orvieto. After seeing Orvieto turn in your car there, if possible, and take the train to Orvieto. A much easier and cheaper trip.

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Gina, my advice is not to make a mountain out of a molehill. Rent your car at Termini, and drive to Siena. You don't need GPS, just a VERY good Michelin map at 1:200,000 scale for driving. Last summer we rented a car at Termini, drove all over Tuscany for two weeks then returned the car at Termini. You'll probably take some wrong turns and have to pull over to consult your map. You will probably be a little confused at times. You have to decide how much time you want to waste schlepping your luggage all over Rome and its environs just to avoid a little Rome traffic. Besides, you'll be heading directly away from Rome center. I can't imagine hiking back to the airport just to rent a car. If you're not a reasonably confident driver, then ignore my advice. If you think your driving experience in Rome proper will be a nightmare or you think it'll probably be OK, you're right.

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Renting from the airport will add to the cost. I recently compared picking up at the Venice airport vs Piazzale Roma, and the airport added $100 to an eleven day rental.. In addition, you'll pay for train tickets, 11 euros (is it still that?)/pp. If you have the rental agent in Termini carefully outline, on a map, the best way out of town, you shouldn't have much trouble. I think it took us 10 minutes to the ring road, from which you access all routes to major destinations. On the ring road, directions are clearly signposted.