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Perugia and Assisi

We'll be in Rome in early April. Going from there to Venice via Perugia. First time in Perugia, not the first time in Rome, Venice or Assisi.

We have two nights in Perugia--ie: arrival day, one full day, departure day. We can leave late--we're comfortable arriving in Venice at night. We're traveling by train.

We'd like to get back to Assisi if possible. Our options are:

  1. Rome to Perugia, drop the bags and go to Assisi for the day. Return after dinner. Spend the rest of the time in Perugia.

  2. Go to Assisi the next day.

  3. Skip Assisi entirely because there is enough to keep us occupied in Perugia or because it's too much hassle to spend the extra time on the train.

Any thoughts?

Thanks very much,


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Wake up in your Rome hotel. Pack up, check out.Estimate the time needed to get from your hotel to the Termini train station + wait for the train (you don't want to miss the train).Roughly 3 hours station to station time (there's one a little faster).Estimate time to get from Perugia train station to your hotel, check in, stash bags, freshen up, whatever.Add time from hotel back to Perugia station + wait for train.30 minutes station to station time to Assisi.You say "go to Assisi for the day" but unless you check out of your Rome hotel very early, there won't be that much of the day left. But you should get to Assisi in time for dinner.After dinner, add the time back to the Assisi station, wait for train.30 minutes back to Perugia station. Then back to your hotel.Go here for the train schedules

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Those are your only options? If you want to go to Assisi, stop by on the way to Perugia on the day you are traveling from Rome.

-Get up and leave early from Rome

-Train to Assisi (which takes roughly 2 hours)

-Check your bags at the train station (roughly 3 euro for up to 12 hrs., I think; keep in mind the bag check closes around 7PM I'm pretty sure)

-Spend all day until about 4-5-6 PM (or whenever you like) in Assisi

-Pick up bags (before 7PMish)

-Train to Perugia (takes about 20 min.)

-Arrive in Perugia in time to check in and get dinner

-Stay in Perugia for two nights and one full day

-And....have a blast!

Sounds fun. Would this work?

Any way I could come?