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permesso di soggiorno ITALY

Who has had to get this new "permit to stay"? I found it by accident on the State Dept travel warnings website. Says it's now required (since Dec 2006) for stays longer than 8 days. We'll be in Italy for 14. Info even conflicts as to whether it is acquired from post office or police station...Please advise. I wonder if it may be easier to take a train across the border & go through customs...? We're on a super tight itenerary.

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I have never heard of "permit to stay". Each time I visited Italy I was there 10 days or longer, travel from city to city and never had a problem.

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I agree with above post

I stayed 21 days no "permit" was asked for.

If you are only traveling in Italy there would be no border/customs from town to town.

Can you link that page you found for us to see.

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I did get one of these about five years ago because I was staying over a month. You will be fine. I will be in Italy this summer for 18 days and I am not getting one!

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This is very interesting. It appears if you are staying with say friends or family this permit may be required.

When I flew in to Rome recently, I didn't even have to fill out any type of form to turn in to immigration. They did not even stamp my passport.

I asked the flight attendent about forms, and she replied none were required and she thought that very strange since "the Italians were such a stickler for paperwork?

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You have always needed a "permit to stay" when in Italy. That's why your hotel will require your passport for a few hours when you check in. Your hotel fills out the appropriate paperwork and hands it in to the police.

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This topic was discussed on this site a month ago. There is no such permit required for routine travel visits.

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Hi Carol,
I just saw the same posting on the State Deptartment's website today. I'm going to Italy later this summer and will be there more than 8 business days. I was confused by the mixed information I was getting, so I called the Italian Embassy in DC. The woman I spoke to in the Consular Affairs Office told me that, as of June 2, 2007, Italy has dispensed with the permesso di soggiorno requirement.

Happy travels!