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Passport Requirements for Italy COVID-19 2021


I have a slight dilemma. I have a last minute travel arrangement to Italy on August 13th-26th 2021. My passport is valid until October 3rd 2021. I'm only going to be in the country for 12 days. I have been reading different information online about passport validity. There is a serious backlog for passport renewals right now. So I was wondering if I would be ok to enter if I can obviously prove length of stay and return ticket. If this will be an issue can I get a temporary passport in about 10-12 days? Any advice would be great. I have read other threads saying people sneak through but since COVID everything has changed. Is the country stricter on passport validity for travel? Or are they more lax because many countries are going through the same problems? The reason why I didn't renew my passport sooner is I originally had no intention on traveling because I was unsure of the rest of the world opening it's doors to international travelers back in the spring. What can/ should I do?

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Well, it is terrific that you have a last minute trip to Italy planned.

Below are some official links of US passports: I'm sorry but it is not encouraging.

Rules are you have to have a valid passport at least 6 months.

Italy requires 6 months -

This site offers expedited passports for a fee, but they are still stating at least 4 to 6 weeks

That is cutting it way too close and you probably won't get it back in time unfortunately.

I don't think you should risk it at the airport; spending all that money and then be denied boarding.

*One other thing:

Even IF the US airline allowed you, you would probably be denied entry into Italy and your airline would be fined a large sum and have to return you immediately.

It's pretty standard about passports and renewals and timing.

Good luck.

*Added additional info

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With the minimal margin of time involved, the best source of info will be the Italian Embassy/Consulate.

The US State Dept site says 6 months in one place and 90 days in another as to the time before expiration needed.

Must have at least six months validity remaining beyond your planned date of departure from the Schengen area.
And this as well
Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. If you plan on transiting a Schengen country, review our U.S. Travelers in Europe page.

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I was hoping for some more encouraging answers but I understand the routine and normal rules. I know you can get an emergency appointment for a renewal if you're traveling relatively soon, so I'm going to call the passport office tomorrow here in SFLA. Hopefully they can help me out, or my last alternative is to take a gamble but I obviously don't want to do that if I absolutely don't have to.

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I wish you luck. Hopefully they can help you.

Please read the additional info I wrote in my post.

Even if your home airport airline allowed you through, you most likely would be denied entry into Italy and the airline would be fined a huge sum with instructions to send you back immediately.

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I think you will be denied boarding
Our local high school had a trip to Europe
One kid was left behind because his passport did not have the proper extension even though they would be back before it expired
He and his parents pleas of nobody told me, fell on deaf ears

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When planning our current journey I was in a similar situation in that I would be very close to the 6 month mark for my return. While I would have been "under the wire", my concern was that it would be refused because I could plan to stay beyond my planned return because I would be in-country fewer than 90 days.

New passports arrived this past weekend. Non-expedited, took approximately 60 days.

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or my last alternative is to take a gamble but I obviously don't want to do that if I absolutely don't have to.

No need to gamble, do the simplest thing you can do, contact the airline you are flying, or go to their website. It is a very simple fact that if the airline refuses to board are not going, despite what Italy, the US State Dept., or someone on here might say.

Airlines are tasked with a responsibility to verify document status prior to boarding under International Carriage rules, to not do so, means fines and sending you back at their expense. So beyond any specific requirements, they set the rules.

However, I am pretty sure you need to get the passport renewed ASAP.

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Great news everyone!

I managed to call the passport agency office in Miami. I had to try for a few days but I finally got through and they gave me an appointment yesterday morning. All I had to do was provide itinerary for travel within 72 hours and fill out the renewal form. It was 170 dollars to get a new passport. The wait wasn’t as long as I thought. It was very orderly and quiet, except for the small babies and children who were cranky lol. But I managed to get a new passport for 10 years and I’m good to go I’m heading out tomorrow. Thanks for everyone’s advice and for further reference Italy requires a 3 month validity for passports. I would just be safe and if you’re around the 6 month area to go and renew it if possible. Also another point to make note of is, once the agency clears you and you pay, they give you a time to come back to pick up the passport along with a receipt. Usually it’s a 12pm or 1pm window. If you can’t wait around that long you can authorize someone to pick it up for you. You just have to sign the receipt. I got lucky and I definitely learned my lesson. I also took a covid test just to be sure I didn’t have it before I went even though I got the vaccine in March. And I’m negative. I hope everyone can get to where they’re going. And stay safe!