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I have heard that some hotels keep your passport when you check in. Is this true?? Is this ok?? I've never been out of the country before so I'm not sure what is expected.

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Beth - It's standard practice. The reason is that the hotel must record the names and addresses of guests to report to the police. It's usually easiest to keep the passport until its quieter at night to do the paperwork and then return the passports to the guests the next day.

It seems a bit alarming at first but it's just the procedure in most European countries. You don't need to worry about it.

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Thanks for your help. We are leaving tomorrow and this just came up tonight. It was a little alarming.

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You'll want to have photocopies of it to keep on you.

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Beth - my passport wasn't held for more than just a few minutes after I checked in. Once, I forgot to ask for it back and it was slid into my "slot" at the reception for return. My experience has been in my 14 day vacation in Italy this past May is that each hotel makes this required process as painless and as invisible as possible. They truly appreciate that we are there!