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Parking Ticket(s)

I was in Italy in Fall 2006, using a Hertz rental car. I've just received a demand for payment of a parking ticket I'm unaware of for 137.25 Euros. What happens if I don't pay it?

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Maybe call Hertz and ask them since they obviously traced you back through them.

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Please look through recent posts for subject of autostrada tickets. Also post back with detail such as name(s) on letter and enclosure and was it certified or registered and mailed from where.

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Randy is correct..........people have been receiving lots of these "tickets" (parking and toll booth) in the mail, and this has been covered here and in Trip Advisor.

In a nutshell; if you did not receive it "registered" or "certified", TOSS IT! This is the important thing to remember. Italian and US consumer agencies will tell you NOT to pay attention to an un-registered letter. This is no different then the SPAM that you receive on your computer.

Your auto rental agency:

.......will not debit your credit card for something that "allegeably" happened, in Italy. (this may be different in other countries, i.e. England)

.......will not refuse to rent to you the next time you seek their services over an alledged incident.

The Italian police will NOT "clap you in irons" the next time you go to Italy, over an alledged incident where you were not legally notified.

Frame the "ticket" is a wonderful conversation piece!