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Parking ticket in Florence

While on vacation I received a parking ticket in Florence, Italy. I did not know how to pay the ticket then and now that I am back home, I still can't figure out. AAA, National Car Rental and the Maggiore car rental counter at the FCO airport have been no help. On line searches bring up zilch. How do I pay this 36 euro parking ticket?

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I know when we get a parking ticket we take it directly to the local (Italian) post office and pay it (cash ... Euro). I suppose your rental company was National Rental? And they don't know what to tell you? I think I would try and contact the Caribinari/Polizia who issued the ticket and ask them what to do with your circumstance. Not a very fun sovenier to bring home. Ciao!

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I just got a 36 E parking ticket when I was in Trani, and took it to the local Post Office to pay. (All of the instructions are on the ticket.)They only took cash, or an ATM card. I was told that was the only way that it could be done. My hotel called the local police, and they specifically told them that I was NOT to appear at the police station to pay the fine.

If I was you, I would forget about it. I just saw another post here, and someone else had a similar problem. They left Italy, and came back three years later, and never had any type of problem.

My brother got a Italian radar speeding ticket, but did not find out about it until he got home. He was notified by the auto rental agency. He chose to ignore it.

If your conscience gets the best of you, have someone help you decipher the ticket, and mail the fine to the Florence post office.