Parking overnight in Venice.

Hello. My wife and I are currently traveling on a 3 month trip around the world and have a number of suitcases full of stuff. When we get to Venice we will need to leave more than half of the stuff in the car and go 'Rick Steves' style with one small bag each into Venice. Does anyone know what the best way to park your car safely overnight whilst we are off in central Venice being locals. Also the best way to get from this car park to our hotel near the Rialto Bridge. Thanks Pat from Australia.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Follow directions to Piazzale Roma as you cross the bridge between Mestre and Venezia. In Piazzale Roma there are two big carparks for long term parking I know of: AUTORIMESSA COMUNALE (City owned) for Euro 24/day GARAGE SAN MARCO for Euro 30/day Next to the Autorimessa Comunale there is also a DEPOSITO BAGAGLI (baggage deposit) where you can leave your suitcases for a fee in case you don't want to leave them in your car. From Piazzale Roma to the Rialto Bridge you can take a Vaporetto (boat-bus) (on one side of Piazzale Roma you are on the Canal) at the Piazzale Roma stop. You could also walk (maybe 25-30 minutes), depending on the type and size of your bags. In the Tronchetto island (a little distance from Piazzale Roma, there are more lots, probably cheaper, although not as conveniently located. Just cross the bridge and see what you like. Some info also below:

Posted by James
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When I was in Venice in April, I parked in one of these large parking garages - I don't recall exactly which one. I parked for four nights and paid 80 or 90 Euros. I don't recall which garage it was, exactly, but it was right next to the Tronchetto vaporetto stop. You walk out of the garage, through a walkway in a big office building, and the stop is right there. I didn't leave my bags in the car (1 carry-on sized bag and one bike messenger bag) but when I do, I make sure to get everything that I need out of my bags long before reaching my destination. This way, when I park my car at the desired location, I can grab my things and walk away - giving the impression that I have taken everything with me to any prying eyes in the parking lot. It's no guarantee but it's better than advertising the fact that you just left several bags in your trunk. I also found this website that recommends parking in the Marco Polo airport lot at a much cheaper rate: Can anyone verify this information? What is the difference in time from the airport verses the Tronchetto stop? - Jim

Posted by Nigel
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When I drive to Venice I park at the multi-storey across the road from the Mestre station. It is where a lot of Venetians park their cars, and many cars have either covers or layers of dust because they are not often used. I was always reassured that the dust hadn't been graffitied. When you arrive the man in the booth asks how long you will be parked and then tells you what floor to park on. It works, I have felt safe there, its easy to go over the road and take the short train ride from Mestre to Santa Lucia, and it is pretty cheap. It has been a year or so and I don't know the price today but I paid between 8 and 10 a day depending on weekday or mid week, it was way cheaper than P Roma or Tronchetto. If the time of year is busy the drive across the causeway from Venice to the islands can be quite busy which is another reason I prefer Mestre. In any car park I would not leave large amounts of luggage and I would have the bags I don't want hidden away before arriving and the bags I do want in the car with me so not to disclose. Prudence pays.

Posted by melissa
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We parked a brand new car at Tronchetto in the 'VIP' section, which is behind a fence, on the ground floor, and requires a parking attendant to open and close the gate. It was more expensive, but we felt it was much safer. We left a few things in the trunk. A side benefit was the parking space was wider than the teeny slots in the rest of the garage.

Posted by Pat Gallagher
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Okay I chided to go with the Garage San Marco. Got onto their website and prebooked. I decided to tie all of the suitcases together and to the inside of the vehicle using our rope that we use to hand our laundry. Put their address into the GPS and off we go. We arrived and there were lines everywhere but because we prebooked(free of charge) they had a short special line for us off to the left of their long line, not that it is sign posted. I showed them the confirmation email on the iPad and they sent us to the 3rd floor. I needed to leave the keys with the attendant but so be it I thought. We went off to Venice left early due to the King tide. Paid the 30 euro picked up the car and away we went. Thank you everyone who commented. One tip. Pre book. Paddy from Australia.