Parking in PIsa and Lucca

Hello Everyone Since we are staying in a villa near pagobossini (spelled something like this )we needed a car and we (6 pp) thought it will be great to travel around tuscany roads so my question is where is the best place to park in Pisa and Lucca . How far can you go in and if there are any parking lots that are free and paid. Since i think it will be easy to get parking in a paid lot

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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I've never heard of Pagobossini, but I'm willing to bet you meant Poggibonsi. There are paid parking lots all around the ancient city walls of both Lucca and Pisa. Both have a ZTL in effect (Zona Traffico Limitato) in the historical city center, so don't get inside or you get a ticket. Most importantly, wherever you park, make sure you mark the address because you may want to find the car later. I can't even count the tourists in tears I had to help in Florence because they parked their car somewhere and they couldn't figure out where.

Posted by Tulan
NOrth andover, ma, USA
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i understand florence but would it be so hard to find a car in lucca and pisa too thank you tulan

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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There are 199 spaces at the Lucca train station @ 10eu/24 hr. Another lot 400 m away on Viale Giosue Carducci has 400 spots at the same price.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I've never parked at Pisa - I wouldn't want to. But I have parked several times at Lucca, and it can be confusing just where you come through the walls, and where the car is. I've always parked outside the walls and never near the station. Don't leave anything on show in the car. Siena and San Gimignano are both down the street from your villa; park in the open car park below the town at San Gimignano; we park underground in Siena. It is really easy to lose where you parked in Siena - voice of experience.

Posted by Michele
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Last year we parked outside the walls of Lucca in a free parking lot. We left our car there overnight. Easy walk to the center - where our B&B was. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly where the lot was, but our innkeepers perhaps you just need to investigate a bit.

Posted by Tulan
NOrth andover, ma, USA
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I am suprised at people loosing cars and tough to find it and stuff. Very interesting. I mean we have no choice so we will have to plan something As per loosing i thinkg out 7 people mini van would not be easy to loose among those tiny tine european cars .LOL thanks for help. we will def plan according to the suggestion given.