Parking in florence at the porto Romano

Does anyone know if there are monthly parking rates at the porto Romano parking area? Thank you sandy

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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There is no Porto Romano (Roman Port) in Florence, but there is a Porta Romana (Roman City Gate). This website shows the major parking areas in Florence (Blue 'P' means pay park, Green 'P' means free): If you absolutely need to park at the Porta Romana parking lot (Parcheggio Oltrarno of Piazza della Calza), you can, however the Firenze-Parcheggi website says that the monthly parking slots (Euro 130/month) for that location are sold out (Posti Esauriti). Apparently they must set out only a limited number of slots for monthly parking patrons.

Posted by Sandy
Port neches, Texas, USA
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Thanks so much for your quick reply. Excuse my misspelling of Porto Romana! The other pronunciation is stuck in my head. Can't seem to change it! That is the answer I thought I would get. Looks like the monthly rentals are left for the permanent residents. We have parked there many times and its very convenient but thought maybe since we would be there for a month it would be more cost effective to get a monthly rental for parking. Thanks so much