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Parking around Rome

My husband and I are driving to Rome just for one day (we are actually staying in Florence). I know it is a long drive for one day, but my husband is adamant that we do it. Does anyone have a suggestion for a place that we could safely park our car for the day. We plan on taking public transportation into the city itself. Thanks.

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I will be blunt -- he is nuts :-) Seriously, Florence is an hour and half via train and the fare is very reasonable. You go from town center to town center. It will take much longer to drive, park, and then the train. Traffic in and around Rome is more than chaotic. Just take the train and leave the driving to them.

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The cost of gas & parking, not to mention the chance of accidently driving in a restricted zone & being fined is not worth the hassle. Take the train, take the train, take the train.

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I understand all of the reason's not to drive, but what I really am looking for at this point is parking information so that we can make a decision one way or the other. Does anyone have information regarding daily public parking outside of Rome?