Palladio's Basilica: Vicenza

The last time we were in the Veneto (two years ago), Palladio's basilica in Vicenza was covered in scaffolding and closed for restoration (thank goodness there is some money for such projects!). We are going back to the Veneto this Christmas but are only planning a stop in Vicenza if the basilica is open since we spent several days there last trip. Does anyone know if it is open now? Thanks!

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Yep. Perfect timing. The inauguration for the restored basilica was the first week in October. It received wide coverage in the Italian news. If you go at Xmas you'll be in time to see the hugely popular exhibit that also opened last month at the Basilica: "Raffaello verso Picasso" (Raphael toward Picasso). I heard that there were record crowds when it opened. The exhibit has works temporarily borrowed from museums all over the world by the most famous painters from the Renaissance all the way to the XX century (hence from Raphael to Picasso name of the exhibit) The exhibit will be open until the 3rd week of January.