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Paestum from Sorrento - by car not bus

I know we are crazy, but we always have a car in Italy. The only time it has been a total pain was in CT. Oh boy what a trip that was...
We will be staying in Massa Lubrense and want to see Paestum. Can this be a half day trip if we take the road from Sorrento due north and hit the autostrada to Paestum? We know to avoid the Amalfi Coast Road for this journey. Just curious if anyone can give us an estimate of drive time ?

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I should really only take you about an hour and 45 minutes or so (less, of course, if you drive like an Italian!); it's an easy drive on the A3...when in doubt, I always trust the via Michelin directions...they are pretty on-target with drive times.

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Hee hee... My husband is a first generation Italian American (His Father was born in Fallo, Abruzzi). When he gets to Italy all of that Italian blood comes roaring to the surface!!! And I just hold on and go along for the ride... I have learned to remember to breathe - and not scream - much...

Thanks for the timing info. That should be a nice morning's adventure!

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You are not crazy. We, too, always rent a car whenever in Italy (or anywhere in Europe for that matter). We would not have it any other way.

Anyway, you should love Paestum. I would recommend either early morning or early evening as the lighting is pure magic. It truly is a thought-provoking and lovely sight that should not be missed.