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Packing for 7 nights in Rome - Woman

I leave for Rome on November 3d and would like some suggestions on what I should pack for my 7 nights there. I have a tendency to pack too much and would really like to avoid it this trip. Also, I will be staying at the Picasso Hotel in Rome which is on Via Venezia. Does anyone know if that is walking distance from the Termini or would I be better off taking a cab? Thanks so much!!

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Katherine, I can't help with your packing question, but a few comments on your transportation options.

Taking a Taxi from Termini to Picasso Hotel would probably be the best choice, especially as you'll have luggage. You'll find lots of Taxis outside the front doors (walk forward from the tracks). It's not a great distance, so shouldn't be too expensive.

Unfortunately, neither Metro Lines A or B run close to Via Venezia. The A line runs somewhat in that direction, and the first station out of Termini (Repubblica, direction Battistini) is still a bit of a walk (although shorter than walking from Termini).

Without luggage I would probably walk from the Hotel to the Metro, as it's a fairly reasonable trip from Via Venezia straight up Via Nazionale to the Repubblica station. I find that I do a LOT of walking in Rome anyway, and it's within the distances I usually cover (just about wore myself out on one trip!).

Happy travels!

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Went last year, almost the same time. This is what I took in my DAYPACK!

1 pair of lightweight/nylon pants, 5 tops (t-shirts, solid colors) 1 sweater (wore this on the plane) 1 fleece jacket, 1 rain jacket,(took both these on the plane, not in my bag) Puma low profile "sneakers", 5 pairs socks, 7 panties, 2 bras, compact umbrella, toiletries.

In my carry on, shoulder bag, I took: camera, batteries, guide book, book to read.

Wish I'd brought: one pair of sandals for the warmer day outside & walking around in the hotel room

We missed the rain last year, had perfect, but a bit chilly weather. I wore my fleece jacket every single day, and even the rain jacket to layer to stay warm. My pants were Prana, have used these hiking and sightseeing, rolled them up if it got too hot (kind of a capri length)

My t-shirts were cotton and from Old Navy or Gap. The only thing that I indulged in was clean panties for each day, they don't take up much room and I didn't feel like washing for just 7 days!

I wore a couple of the shirts 2x, no biggie. All my pictures show me in the same jacket and pants, but it's not about me, it's about me at the sights in Rome!

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Since you'll be there in November, consider investing in some long underwear to layer for warmth. The prior poster has a good list.

In order to avoid packing too much, get out the smallest suitcase you can find (or that you plan to buy for the trip) and then lay out everything you think you need. After that, put a third to half of it back.

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I agree with Liz, take the smallest suitcase you have and then pack accordingly!!!! The afternoons in Rome should be on the warm side with the mornings and evenings cool. Have fun!!!

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Clothing - to pack or wear on plane
panties - pack 2, wear 1
bras - pack 2, wear 1
Long-sleeve shirts (quick dry) - pack 1, wear 1
sweater - pack 1
long-sleeved tee - can double as pajama top
lightweight sweat pants or pajama bottoms
light rain coat and/ or fleece/lightweight jacket - wear 1
jeans- wear 1
wrinke-resistant pants - pack 1
skirt - pack 1
Socks (lightweight wool or Coolmax) - pack 2, wear 1
Shoes - 1 pair (durable, well-broken in)
hiking/walking shoes - if plans include hiking; wear the heaviest footwear

sandals or slip-on shoes - maybe

Anti-perspirant stick - travel size
Toothpaste - travel size
Razor, nail file or clippers
hairbrush or comb
sample size cosmetics (small containers about size of a quarter from MAC cosmtic counter for moisterizer and cream or liquid makeup)
several small cottonballs for makeup removal
liquid soap or shampoo(2 - 2 oz. bottles - can be used for laundry also)

First-aid stuff
prescription meds (always carry on)
two doses of tylenol/motrin/pain releaver of choice;
antihistamine,immodeum, cold tablet (if I need more I can get it there, but if I'm feeling bad I don't want to go searching)
a couple bandaids, a safety pin, tweezers

Bungee cord clothesline

Pocket-sized digital camera, charger, 3 memory cards
iPod shuffle and USB charger
Noise-cancelling earphones
AC adapter plug (for dual-voltage camera charger and USB iPod charger)
LED flashlight
notebook and pen (carry in coat pocket)
Sewing kit
Quart Ziploc bags (2)

Reading glasses (single use lens cleaning tissues)

Optional items
Wool vest
Long lightweight poly underwear
Wool gloves
Wool hat

Printed travel info sheets (remove applicable pages from guidebooks or copy; print outs from web - cut, paste and change font to smallest readable size and widest margins)

reservation confirmations
copy of passport
contact info for credit/debit card

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Thank you so much. Everyone had such good ideas to share with me - all so very helpful. Thanks again!

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Hello Katherine, for my 14 day trip to Italy in May 2007, I took a 20 inch roller and a pacsafe tote bag only. I packed about the same as what has been suggested on this post. I stayed at Hotel Italia in Rome and walked without problem wheeling my suitcase with tote bag slipped over the handle. The walk felt great after the long flights from San Jose through Chicago to Rome. The walk took 15 minutes.

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Gela, thanks for the advice on walking and confirming everyone's packing details. I do know that the Hotel Italia is right across the street from the Hotel Picasso where I will be staying. Fantastic!! I love this site!!

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Katherine, I'm also staying on the Via Venezia but at the Hotel Italia. The walk from the station isn't that bad but I take a taxi just to get to the hotel quickly and drop off my bag. Then It's a quick walk to the Coliseum (don't bother trying to get a taxi at the stand on Via Nazionale. I've never seen one there!) Here's what I'll take for 10 days - 2 pants, 3 or 4 shirts, either sweater or fleece, all-weather type coat with sip-out lining, 4 socks,2 bras, 5 underwear, toiletries, chamois for my laundry, penlight, guidebook and maps as well as confirmations, couple of paperbacks, one plastic hangar (for laundry), camera, converter, small umbrella. This is my 3rd trip to Rome in November and I've been fortunate to have weather in the upper 50s to lower 60s both times.

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Check with your airline about their carry-on limits. Many are reducing both the size and the weight allowances. If you can't carry it all on (and with the liquids restrictions, you will probably have to check the bag anyway), then don't stress about overpacking. If you are only touring for 7 days, and taking a cab when you are toting/wheeling the suitcase, then who really cares if it is small or medium, weighs 30 lb or 45 lb? If there are lots of stairs in the hotel, let the staff carry the suitcase - remember, you are their guest! Take enough clothing (especially undies and socks) so that during your precious 7 days, you aren't wasting time with laundry and drying. Take sandals in case it is warm. Stick in a pair of slippers and/or shower clogs if that will make you feel more comfy. Eliminate the "what-if" and "just-in-case" items. And remember, NO ONE cares if you wear the same jeans or shirt or sweater every day. Leave a little unused space, just on the off-chance you find a souvenir or a gift you want to bring home.

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Someone suggested long underwear in Rome in November. I know the weather can change, but when I was in Rome in November 2005, I must have brought the Texas heat with me!! Long underwear would not be on my packing list, but like I said, you never really know what the weather will be like. I'll be in Italy again this November, but I'm also going to the Swiss alps, and it could be cold there. I bought some long silk underwear in case I do need it, and silk takes up very little room in my backpack. And, very comfortable! I bought this at I love that site, and silk is affordable there!