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I am looking to see if anyone has done a guided boat trip to an oyster farm. I have heard of people doing them but not sure exactly how to find it. If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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Never done it, but the two most famous Italian oysters (and some of the top in the world) are the pink oysters on Scardovari, which come from the Sacca of Scardovari (a lagoon where the Po River meets the Adriatic Sea, just south of the Venice lagoon) or the White Oysters of San Michele, in the Lago di Varano, a lagoon near the Gargano peninsula, in the Puglia region (the heel of the Italian boot).
Maybe you can Google to find some info. I found an article belo on the most prestigious Italian oyster (the pink oyster of Scardovari). Maybe you can find more info using Italian key words such as ALLEVAMENTO OSTRICHE SCARDOVARI