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Oxygen Concentrator in Rome

This is fairly new to us, and hate to give up traveling to Italy. My husband is now on oxygen and has the portable battery oxygen to fly and use if needed during the day. In our home we have an oxygen concentrator machine that is important to use at night. Even if he doesn't need oxygen all day, its very important to have it during sleeping hours. The battery concentrator is not good for this. I was able to find a company in Greece to deliver/pick up one of these to our rental for a week, but can not find such a company in Italy. We would like to stay a week in Rome and a week in Sorrento. Has anyone had to deal with this in the past or have any suggestions, it would be so helpful before we get to excited. Thanks, Jo

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I found this pharmacy in Rome who does the rental service:
Or there are bigger Italian companies who rent a oxygen concentrator.

You can try to contact them all if they can provide the service you need.

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Ricky, Many thanks, I will get on this right away!

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Also, use the Search box above, there was a post on this exact subject within the last year.