Ostia Antica

Hello, As the second leg of our trip, we are flying from Paris to Rome in May and arrive at 2:30p (14:30). I have been reading RS and the travel forum, and I'm so intrigued by Ostia Antica! My family voted me out on seeing Pompeii as we only have from Monday until Friday morning in Rome, and there's so much to see there! But, is it worth it to take a side trip from Fiumicino airport to Ostia Antica on our way into Rome? We'd have our bags (2 adults, 3 kids--ages 9, 13, 16), so is that crazy (of course we are packing light :)? Train station lockers? Would a few hours be enough to see something, or would it be frustrating to have so little time? We're all lovers of history, so the ruins would be fun, but I'm wondering about logistics and timing. Many thanks!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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The great thing about Ostia Antica is that it requires no advance purchase or planning. If you have time and interest while you are in Rome, you can see it; if you don't, you haven't lost anything. So, I'd put it on your "if we have time while in Rome" list, which is probably very long (given that your "must see while in Rome" list probably fills 3 days).

Posted by Ellen
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Ostia is an easy trip on the metro. Should plan on doing it when you aren't so rushed coming from the airport. My daughter and I spent 5 days in Rome a few years back and we took our time and enjoyed seeing all the major sites. Took the Vatican Museum tour, etc. We went out to Ostia on the Metro for a day, leaving early for when they opened, toured the sight, had lunch at the cafe, and then took the Metro back into Rome. We had the afternoon to explore more of Rome. My recommendation would be to NOT go with luggage in tow. You are trying to put too much in one day. Ostia for the kids would be fantastic. Use a good morning to see it, and then plan another adventure for the afternoon.

Posted by Frank
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OA really works best as a half day trip from Rome as a break from the hustle and bustle of Rome. There is no luggage storage at the park. You would need to take a taxi from the airport. And then the train into Rome but that requires a change - which is short and easy - but never the less a change. After a long flight from the US, really don't think it is a good idea as you all will be fighting jet lag.

Posted by TC
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Becky, Do not try to do it on the way in from the airport. Being tired from the flight and hauling luggage around will just ruin the experience. It is a really neat place and should visited when one is fresh and can really enjoy it. As has been suggested, get an early start one morning and you should be able to finish up by 1 or 2 p.m. depending on the group's interest. Quick, easy, and cheap to get there using public transit.

Posted by Becky
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Thanks for the replies! We are flying from the U.S. to Paris and then spending 5 days there, so we shouldn't be suffering from jet lag (hopefully!) at that point. But, after reading everyone's responses, it does sound like a fantastic 1/2-day trip during our stay in Rome. Are we jeopardizing our Rome trip too much? That leaves us with just 3 days in Rome total. Then, we are traveling up to Florence and onto the CT. So much to see; so little time! Thank you!