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Orvieto Wineries in RS

Does anyone know or have experience getting to the two wineries mentioned in RS outside of Orvieto using public transportation? Or is it possible they are walkable? Bikable?

Tenuta Le Velettte and Custodi


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The Tenuta Le Vellette winery is too far out of town to walk to. Whether it's comfortably bikable depends on the weather, your physical condition, how much time you have--doesn't sound like a good idea to me. How about sharing the cost of a taxi?

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Tenuta Le Veletta winery sits atop a hill to the south of Orvieto. Biking would require a long uphill ride, so a taxi might be your best option. Views of Orvieto from the winery's terrace are incredible, as it's about the same elevation as the duomo and there's a valley in between (see photo on their website).

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Hi Laura,
We stayed at Tenuta Le Velette winery for two weeks last September. It was a marvelous experience and we had that view of Orvieto from our apartment window. We had a rental car so getting to it was no problem, but as the others have said it is too far to walk and biking would be very difficult as it is a narrow, winding and uphill road. It was a wonderful location for day trips all over Umbria and Tuscany. Hope you make it out there. Have a great trip!