Has anyone ever been? We are thinking of Venice, Orvieto and Rome. Not sure if this would be worth it because it is 4 plus hrs to get to Orvieto from Venice (but a very short trip to Rome which is good). We thought we would rent a car and stay there three days to just chill out, see a winery, drive the hilltop towns? Do not really want to do Florence so thought this would be different. Thoughts, suggestions?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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It works. They even have a couple of Rental agencies across from the station in Orvieto (Avis and Hertz I think).
Orvieto is pretty. There is a nice Duomo. Nearby you can drive to Civita. Also lots of small towns and villages both in Tuscany and Umbria are within one to 2hr drive.

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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Type "Orvieto" into the Search window for lots of input. We absolutely loved it. Here are some photos I took, in case you're interested: Orviet in May 2011 We only spent two nights and wished we had spent 3.

Posted by Larry
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Denise, if you in Orvieto for 3 days, you are within a 1.5hr drive to Assisi. It's great for a 1-day trip. Also, Perugia, with its great chocolate factory is just a bit farther up the road from Assisi.

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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I love Orvieto! I was there for three days last summer and I'm going back again. The daytrip to Assisi is a great idea. Orvieto has a three-day pass which incluges a round-trip on the funivia from the station to the town, where you can take a minibus to the Duomo. The pass also covers some museums. Orvieto is a great place to chill out.

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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We stayed one night in Orvieto last April, and were sorry we didn't schedule more time. The city is a beautiful hill top town, and it's very walkable. They have very good restaurants and affordable hotels of all kinds. Civita is well worth going to see and is closeby.
And when you're ready to go to Rome, it's just a 70 minute trip.

Posted by Denise
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Thank you all! You have helped make our decision. We are staying at Casa Selita B&B and renting a car at Hertz. Thanks again!

Posted by Ken
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Denise, Yes, I've "been" and would absolutely recommend a night or two in Orvieto. It's a beautiful Umbrian hill town with an interesting history and a relaxing ambience. Be sure to see the incredible Signorelli Frescoes on the ceiling in the small Chapel of the Madonna di San Brizio at the far end of the Duomo (some find it helpful to have a small mirror so as not to get "neck strain" while looking at the ceiling). You could also take the Underground tour or visit St. Patrick's Well (a remarkable engineering feat in it's time). For a fine hot meal, I'd highly recommend L'Antica Rupe (not cheap but I found the food to be great - hopefully that's still the case). As you're renting a car, be sure that each driver has the compulsory I.D.P. and even in Orvieto you'll have to be vigilant to ensure you don't transgress any dreaded Z.T.L. areas (ie: hefty fines). Happy travels!

Posted by Charlie
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How far is Orvieto from Montepulciano? We wil be staying there as home base for 4 days and want to take day trips from there. Is Orvieto a possible day trip?