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Ortisei vs. Cortina D' Ampresso (Dolomites)

Hoping someone knowledgeable about both can compare the 2 for me.

With hopes high we can get back to somewhat normal travel in Sept one possible location is a return to the Dolomites, probably only 3 nights as part of trip to Italy and thought Cortina D' Amprezzo might be nice.
Or even as a late June 2022 trip.

We stayed 3 or 4 (can't recall) nights in Ortisei on the other side of the Dolomites a few years back in Sept and we all loved it.

Hoping someone familiar with both towns could compare them.

My wife and also young daughter would come and are not avid hikers; they would prefer to take a lift to nice views. Ortisei offered 3 different lifts right from the town within walking distance which was great, 2 of the lifts offered amazing views with very little effort. It was very pretty/clean and had a nice walkable car free area with shops my wife liked.

We will have a rental car so be able to drive to take trips to see other vistas ; but wanted to make sure my wife/daughter would like the town itself. If yes would book a hotel in town, I likely would escape for a solo hike one of the days so don't want them bored or unhappy with the immediate surroundings.
I am a photographer so often out at odd hours so don't want to stay somewhere remote where they would feel isolated while I am out shooting. In Ortisei that worked out very well so hoping Cortina would offer similar amenities.

Trip/location is a surprise so cannot ask their opinion.

Thanks in advance

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It’s spelled Cortina D’Ampezzo.

Cortina is the Aspen of Italy, where the rich VIPs like to go. There are many similarities in all those Dolomitic towns, in terms of the architecture. Cortina is just much more upscale, therefore you will see very famous designers’ fashion stores, top class hotels/resorts and fancy upscale restaurants that are not as prevalent elsewhere.

Carry plenty of money (or credit cards).

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I did realize later my spelling error
Thank you for correcting

From the photos I saw online and hotels that are in the town itself; it does not appear to be any more upscale than Ortisei
Maybe in winter it is though, I know it has a reputation and was once a Winter Olympic host town.

Was mainly wondering if there are lifts/cable cars directly from the town (easy walking from town center) to take you to view areas as there is an Ortisei. What we liked best about that town was there were 3 different ones we could walk to that took you to different areas.

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Ortisei and the areas surrounding it are much more touristy and much more accessible for tourists versus hikers. Cortina D' Amprezzo is smaller, more isolated but is the gateway to amazing hiking. Ortisei is denser with more things to do besides hiking. Cortina D' Amprezzo is full of history, where WWI was fought on the mountain peaks between Italians and Germans, tons of historic bunkers and trenches up in the mountains. Not being hikers you can access things like Cinque Torri via the chair lift, you will be on the Great Road of the Dolomites for scenic drives to the passes, you can drive to the Lago di Braies to see the lake, you can take the cable car up to the top of Lagazuoi, and walk back down via the WWI tunnels, it's all stairs downhill. But without hiking, you will never experience what awaits in Cortina D' Amprezzo accessed via hiking. But for 3-4 days I think you and your family could find enough to enjoy yourselves, but it won't be anything like what was around Ortisei. The area around Cortina D' Amprezzo is much more rugged and less developed than Ortisei and its surroundings.

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Thanks Mike; very helpful
Yes I have driven around Cortina so seen some of the nearby sites and went to Lago di Braies on a drive from Italy to Austria previously.
As you describe is more in line with what google images and maps was telling me as well.

Seems when speak of Cortina they talk of the town itself plus surrounding areas spread out over many miles ; where as Ortisei is a very dense tiny village and the larger area is called Val Gardena.

The town will not be as good for my wife and daughter but I think still be ok (Roberto’s description is actually more what my wife would like but I don’t think it is accurate in current day at least).
The best parts of Cortina are easily accessible with a car from town which will definitely give us more than enough to do, I could spend a month there and not be bored as I love hiking but was really trying to gather what could be done while I was away with the car (wife and daughter at a hotel or walking around the town center easy access areas). I should have made that more clear.