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Ordering tickets online for Galleria Borghese

I have tried to order tickets online following Rick's directions, but I have not had any success. After requesting the day and time, and giving my email address, I come to a button about "registering". When I click that button, there is a form in Italian. I do not seem to come to a page where I have to give a credit card number or where I click "submit". I have not received an email with a claim number, so I assume I have not ordered anything yet. I also would like to book a tour of this gallery, but that choice was not given.

Any suggestions?


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I will be doing the same thing later this year and I think I will ask our hotel to book one for me rather than get frustrated with the site. You will have to give them the day and time you want to go and be sure to ask it they charge a fee for doing this.

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I finally did manage to reserve tickets for the day and time I wanted.

On the page where you fill in your email address and name, the button at the bottom says:

"recalculate and refresh datas"

I thought that if I pressed that button it would wipe out any info I had inputted. But, it lead to the next page where they wanted my credit card info.

I have now received an email stating my claim number for the reservation.