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Opinions on Trip Insurance??

I am torn on the advisability of trip insurance, especially since I didn't think about it until AFTER the point that we would qualify for the pre-existing condition waiver. This would mean coverage only for trip interruption or "disaster" coverage. We are traveling for 2 weeks and would lose about $4000 in pre-paid expenses if we could not go at all for some non-health related reason.

If you think insurance is a good idea, who did you use?


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I always buy travel insurance and make sure that the pre-existing conditions waiver apply. The terms for that vary from state to state. I think it is especially important for us older travelers. I have had several ocassions to use it. We use CSA at Your age and the state where you live determine the price and conditions so compare. CSA has never failed to pay without a quibble.

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I was torn about trip insurance as well, but in the end my friends and I got it for trip later this year. I'm taking an 8-day tour and the company offered insurance for fairly cheap ($99 per person) considering the overall cost of the trip. I almost feel like trip insurance is more of a security blanket. I've never actually needed it, but I know the time I don't get it I'll wish I had.

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I usually get the Access America insurance when I purchase my plane ticket. I think it's pretty good. Has the whole emergency medical transporation that comes with it, etc.

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I never bought it until I had a friend that planned a trip and then had an accident here in the US and had to change all their travel plans. Insurance covered it.

I now purchase trip insurance for all my overseas trips. It's totally worth the peace of mind to know that you will have some coverage.

It's not just the trip itself, but should you have a family emergency prior to the trip, this could save your hard earned $$ and your trip!

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I always purchase trip insurance. For my trip in October the cost was under 110.00. I feel for peace of mind it is worth it. I never had to use it.

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Thanks to everyone. I will check on CSA insurance, and anyone else that has/had good suggestions, please keep posting. I'm sure this is of interest to many folks

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I have to agree with everyone here, I had a friend just returned from a trip to China, her partner had a massive heart attack in a village and the air evacuation service included saved his life.

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I always buy trip insurance and, fortunately, I've never had to use it. For my upcoming trip to Italy I purchased through It was less than $60. Definitely worth the peace of mind.

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There are two wonderfull web sites that list all of the major/reputable trip insurance carriers. They allow you plug in the parameters that you are interested in, get an instant quote, and then pick the policies/companies that match your needs. This takes about 60 seconds. You can then review the terms and conditions, etc before you buy.

Go to "" and "". Squaremouth was the most user friendly, and we used it to pick the policy that we bought from CSA.

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It looks as though I completely missed the boat by not purchasing within 2-3 weeks of buying my airline tickets.
We both have pre-existing conditions, and it sounds as though we will not be eligible for most coverages.

Thanks to everyone that answered, tho!