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One single day in Napoli...How would you spend it?

I have one day of my life to spend in Naples. I am a 66 year old woman, fairly spry for an old lady. I will be traveling to the Amalfi Coast at the end of March with my daughter. We will have just one full day to spend in Naples. I refuse to let the reports of garbage and pickpockets etc deter me from enjoying the one day of my life I have to spend in this historic city. If you had just one day of your life to spend in Naples, how would you choose to spend it?

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Get Rick Steves book, do the Naples walk he suggests. Go to the Archeological museum. Have pizza at Trianon, across the street from Da Michelle (which is more famous, but only has 2 kinds of pizza).

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I would have coffee and a sfoglitelle for breakfast at Cafe Augustus on Via Toledo. There I would buy a hunk of pecorino di pepe nero. I would continue walking up Via Toledo until reaching the little park at the end of the road. There is a church to visit just around the corner and the Catacombs of San Gennaro, if they are open.

I might consider trading in the walk up Via Toledo for a quick visit to Ercolano. The excavations there
are great and much more manageable than pompeii when you only have a couple of hours.

I would visit Castel Nuovo and Castel del'Ovo.

I would go to Cantina degli Antichi Sapori on Via Santa Lucia to get a snack and a bottle of Lacryma Christi Bianca to go. The little restaurant next door is also my first choice for dinner.

That sounds like one realistic day to me. It is an amazing place. enjoy!

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I would hop on a ferry or boat and cross Naples Bay and tour the Amalfi coast. Get off the boat when you get to a little town that you think you might like, explore, walk around, shop and have an excellent meal!

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We will have already spent a week in Sorrento touring all the sights of the Amalfi Coast. We will be in Naples only for the day before we fly home. I want to devote the entire day to the best Naples has to offer.

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Hello Kent...yes we will have made all the popular day trips while in Sorrento.

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Go to the Archeological Museum and see the amazing mosaics from Pompeii. Visit the "Secret Cabinet" in the museum which has all the erotic art that was taken from Pompeii.

Don't miss a visit to Sansevero Chapel to see the sculpture "The Veiled Christ". This is one of the most incredible sculptures that I have ever seen. Pictures do not do it justice. Here is a Rick Steves article on Sansevero.

Get a great pizza.