One last train question

For the high speed trains on Trenitalia, How long before departure time are the trains there, waiting for boarders? For example, Departure time is 10;10. Could we arrive at 9:30.. to be sure we make our train? 9 days and counting before we depart for Italy!!!

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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Christy, it depends. If the train is initiating its run at your station, you may be able to board 30 minutes ahead or even more. Even the fast trains may make intermediate stops, and if your train is one of these, you may only have a few minutes to board after disembarking passengers. Keep an eye on the electronic info boards to make sure which track your train will use; sometimes the track number changes shortly before the train pulls in.

Posted by Michael
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In my experience, it varies a LOT as to how much time your train might be sitting there. A big factor is whether your station is just a stopping point on the train's way to its final destination. Say it's going from Venice to Rome, with stops in Padova, Bologna, and Florence. It's only going to stop in Padova, Bologna and Florence for a few minutes (2 in Padova, 3 in Bologna and 8 in Florence), per Trenitalia's website). You better be there and ready, but no point in getting there 40 minutes ahead of time.

Posted by Michael
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You can answer your own question by finding the 10:10 train on Trenitalia and clicking the little "i" for information. From that window that opens, you can see that the train originates in Milan, stops for 3 minute in Bologna then goes on to Florence. Since you're departing from Milan (I assume), there's no reason to be at the train itself any earlier than 15 or 20 minutes ahead but it will probably be sitting there earlier than that.

Posted by Eileen
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Christy, the Milan train station is huge, so arriving at the station (not the actual tracks) at 9:30 is perhaps not too early! Be careful if arriving at any train track early - you risk getting on an earlier train (!), and that's why you always check and make sure the train you get on is going where you want it to go ;-) (There's a nice grocery store in the basement of the station - as of 1 1/2 years ago - and you can get smaller-sized picnic fixings!) Now...No More Train Questions ;-) I'm officially jealous of your trip :-) Have a great time!

Posted by Christy
Macon, GA, USA
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Thanks, Eileen...getting really excited! Just want it to go smoothly and amazing,so that my husband wants to make traveling in Europe a priority for us. 1st time for him. 35 yrs for me, and then only in Germany .