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One Day Trip to Florence from Rome


How does a day trip to Florence (from Rome) sound like?

Also, how do you recommend I transport from Rome to Florence?


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1533 posts's only 1.5 hours by train so it is doable. But Florence really needs more than a partial day.

If you want to just get out of Rome and visit a smaller town- Orvieto might satisfy you.
a bit over 1 hour train from Rome

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It is "doable" for a nice walk around the city, maybe visiting one sight.

You'll use for train tickets. Stations are Roma Termini-Firenze SM Novella. The trip is about 1 1/2 hours using the fast trains. Leave as early as possible. Look carefully at return times

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Italo also runs high-speed trains between Rome and Florence. Travel time is the same 1.5 hours each way, but they have fewer trains per day. It does add options though. Florence as a day trip is only practical on the high-speed trains (avoid Intercity or Regional trains). The last high-speed trains back to Rome depart around 10pm (Italo just before and Trenitalia just after).

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The Roman Guy has a video online that shows Florence as a day trip from Rome. It is worth watching, we found it help in planning our 1 day in Florence.

Have a great trip!

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taher when is your trip. I’m also doing a Florence day trip from Rome in about a month. I can let you know for sure if it’s doable. Me and my family are taking an early train arriving around 8:30. I planned our day around the Roman Guy video with a few changes. I figure we will leave Florence on the 2100 train. We have 5-6 sights to see including Accademia and Duomo. I already have reserved tix for those. Again I will let you know how it goes.